Warehouse Lot 5221 Denim-Wash Vintage - Silver (scent of citrus)

$33.00 USD

Denim Wash Vintage is a denim detergent that removes only sebum stains and impurities such as worn jeans and keeps dark indigo. If you wash it soaked, the effect is even greater, and it can be used for one bottle or vintage jeans that you don't want to lose color. The gold label is floral, and the silver label is the same citrus scent as before.

<What is Denim Wash Vintage>
It is a detergent that carefully washes attached denim.
Denim wash vintage is "gentle, stress-free and stylish" for the environment and the body
It started with the desire to make the coexistence of three opposites possible.

<Cleaning mechanism>
The amazing cleaning power of "remove the dirt and disassemble it".
The raw materials are soybean fatty acids and water (purified water) used as food.
It is a completely new cleaning agent that activates them at a fine level of nanoparticles, adheres only to dirt, and decomposes the dirt from clothing.
Activate organic materials with nano-level particles. It is a revolutionary attempt to increase the use value of what was originally on the earth with high technology.

The drainage after washing is saponified (decomposed) because the ingredients are organic and decomposed into 99% naturally occurring bacteria, so it has been internationally certified as a "product that can be flushed into the sea" by the "Marine Police Agency".
It also has antibacterial effects and is effective for inactivation of food poisoning bacteria and various viruses.

<Why it's suitable for denim>
Considering the interrelationship between warp and weft yarns produced by denim, and indigo dyes, we do not use petroleum-based surfactants, fluorescent agents, and bleaches, so there is no more color fading than necessary.
In addition, when cleaning fibers that have become delicate due to aging like vintage clothing, you can only do the aforementioned "dirt peeling" in a way that is not burdensome.
In conventional water and hot water washing, bacteria remain, so you are worried about the smell, but it suppresses bacteria and wraps important clothes with a natural citrus/floral scent.

<How to use>
Please use 1 cap (10 ml) of solution for 10 liters of water. The standard of a cap is the line on the inside of the cap.
Please apply the solution directly to the conspicuous part of the dirt.

We recommend soaking and washing overnight, but when washing, please turn the denim inside out and choose the hand washing course. If you are worried about friction, please put denim in the net. ( It is recommended to use a washing machine for dehydration)