Studio D'Artisan - D1879s Indigo-dyed jeans - Indigo

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 It is a 15.0 oz selvage jeans of "Indigo Shibu Dyeing". Indigo dyeing is once a vivid real indigo dyeing. Dyed in indigo blue, on top of that, dye it with persimmon juice. It is a very time-consuming advanced dyeing technique. Indigo dyeing has a deeper color than ordinary indigo dyeing. The more you use it, the stronger the color of the persimmon juice. This is tannin, which is the main pigment component of persimmon juice. It is due to the nature of condensation and moregation over the years. Persimmon juice is also used as a Chinese herbal medicine, etc. It is said to have high bactericidal power and deodorizing effect. Japanese people have been changing seasons since ancient times, I have loved the momentary brilliance of nature. It is created from that rich emotion, the color dyed with indigo dyeing that has been handed down. It also attracts the heart of the viewer. It is a "Japanese color" with an attractive deep taste.

Silhouette: Regular straight (Type 101)


Made in Japan

Size table [Size after one wash]


Size Waist Rise Inseam Width
30 77.5 26.5 85.0 30.6 21.0
31 80.0 26.5 85.0 31.3 21.5
32 82.0 27.0 85.0 32.0 22.0
33 84.5 27.0 85.0 32.7 22.5
34 85.0 27.5 85.0 33.4 23.0
36 92.0 28.0 85.0 34.8 24.0

Size 38 and up:

Size Waist Rise Inseam Width Hem
38 97.0 28.5 85.0 36.2 25.0
40 102.0 29.0 85.0 37.6 26.0


The above size is the size when you actually measure the product. Depending on the characteristics of the product fabric, there may be an error of around a few centimeters.
※It will be the size notation after one wash.