Snow Peak Natural-Dye Recycled Cotton Hat - Dark Olive

$32.50 USD $65.00 USD

Keep a beautiful silhouette with a three-dimensional form. It's light and thin, so it's a bell hat that can be folded and carried easily.

All the debris that came out in the production process of Snow Peak's product is recovered, returned to the thread, and returned to the next production raw material <UP CYCLE COTTON PROJECT>. The latest work in the series is made of 30th cotton yarn including 20% recycled cotton and made of plain weave fabric that is slightly thin, breathable and lightweight. Taking advantage of the unique texture and characteristics of cotton materials, the product is dyed with a hybrid of plant dye and reactive dye, and the plants used are different for each color, and there are three colors: charcoal (fivefold), dark olive (mirobaran), and beige (chestnut). . In order to make you feel the goodness of natural materials and product dyeing, we have omitted the accessories as much as possible, and we dare to make a simple design where the packering stands out. A bell hat that attracts the eye with a special silhouette. The classic logo of one-point embroidery on the side summarizes the color of the fabric and the thread in the same color. The point is the dry comfort of the back side mesh and the size adjustment Binkawa specification. Even if you wear it deep in your eyes, you can ensure your vision, and it is very useful in outdoor scenes. This series has a lineup of items that can be worn by both men and women, and this is available in 2 sizes.

Sheer feeling: None
Lining: None
Elasticity: None
Glossiness: None
Fabric thickness: Normal