Shangri-la Heritage - "Outlaw" Grey Herringbone 8 Panel Riders Cap

$161.00 USD


Inspired by the late 1910s Newsboy Caps and revisited with a unique Italian touch, the “Outlaw” 8 Panel Riders Cap is made of Premium Herringbone Wool 21 Oz from Tuscany in Grey color.

The “Outlaw” 8 Panel Riders Cap is a combination of the Newsboys Cap worn by men and boys of the Italian Working Class during the 1910s-20s and the Riders Cap from the movie “The Wild One” (1953). Its versatility allows you to wear it both ways.

Herringbone, also called broken twill weave, it’s an ancient pattern dated back to the Roman Empire, where it was used in buildings its Roadways. Our Herringbone Wool is produced by an Historical Italian Mill that opened its doors in 1952, and has been continuously producing premium quality fabrics since that time.

Designed for Bikers, Rockers and Gentlemen.


  • Style: 8 Panel Newsboy Cap / Riders Cap
  • Fabric: Herringbone Wool 21 Oz from Tuscany (Italy) (WO 100%) in Grey color
  • Sweat band: 100% cotton in Beige color
  • Lining: Black color 100% silk
  • Winged Door Metal Pin
  • Hand Made in Italy