Samurai Jeans [S710XX] - "Yukimura" 21oz Slim Straight Jeans - Indigo

$444.00 USD


Based on the popular slim straight model S710XX 19oz II, this "Hinomoto no hitotsuwamono" model is made of heavier 21oz selvedge denim.

Yukimura Sanada was known as the best warrior in Japan. While most other warlords eventually succumbed to the military might of the great shogun, Ieyasu Tokugawa, Yukimura never gave in and fought faithfully for his lord until the very end. Known for his military prowess and excellent command skills, he would wear all-red armor in battle which led to him being given several nicknames, one being “Crimson Demon of War”.  
Inspired by this red armor, or “akazonae”,  we’ve adopted red thread for the decorative stitching, while the black thread employed elsewhere on the jeans refers to the “Sanada Ten Braves” who would work under the cover of darkness for their secret missions. For the pocket lining we’ve come up with a pattern created just for this model which shows the Sanada army fighting against Ieyasu Tokugawa at Osaka Castle. 
Sanada Ten Braves: A legendary band of 10 ninja who assisted Yukimura Sanada in his battles. They are also sometimes known as the Ten Heroes of Sanada.