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The "fluorescence brightener", "bleach" and "enzyme" are the three major powerful enemies, as most people know, when washing jeans. Extra attention needs to be paid to color fading of jeans, it cannot be exaggerated even if it was said that each person's life is shown just as it is. The styles brought by color fading, are known-as Mustache, Honeycomb and Atari. The texture of fabric would be damaged by chemical substances; therefore, it is important to keep wearing the jeans without damaging the fabric while being as natural as possible.

It is usually said that "The color fading results in a stylish outcome if the jeans is not washed", in fact, the good result is based on well-modulated color fading by forming the shade from fixing the wrinkles in wearing, which is different from individuals. Because a wrinkle could not be settled when the jeans is washed frequently, the color fades equally and generally with less Mustaches, Honeycomb could be shown after frequent washing. For that reason, some wearers will often abstain from washing their jeans.

In addition, it is also been heard that it would be better for not adding detergents when washing the jeans. However, sweat and sebum would be stuck onto the fabric when continuous wearing. Bacteria propagated by sweat would damage the fabric and cause odors. Then there is the possibility that the jeans would not be able to keep wearing for a long period of time. After all, it is important to remove dirt on jeans without giving fabric a burden while being naturally washed. Samurai Jeans thinks Kaminari laundry powder could take good care of this.

Kaminari laundry powder is made by the bean oil (something like the virgin oil of the soy bean) which is the by-product after soy sauce was squeezed. As the bean oil could only be obtained from the authentically brewed soy sauce, production of Kaminari laundry powder is limited. Motomiya soap factory began to produce Kaminari laundry powder with the 3 components, water, bean oil and the caustic soda, since 1922. Thereafter, Motomiya keeps producing the laundry powder with faith of "providing a real good product" up to the present. Samurai Jeans was impressed by Motomiya soap factory on the stubbornness of "protecting the traditional manufacturing method" and their faith. Besides, the laundry powder is additive-free with purity at 99%, good to the environment and human body, and it equips the power of dirt washing. In order to wash the jeans with protecting the fabric from damage and keeping the stylish brought by the color fading, also the texture of the jeans, the answer from Samurai Jeans is Kaminari laundry powder.

Normal Laundry

Kaminari Laundry Powder removes tough stains easily and it is extremely water soluble. It cleans dirt easily with suitable dosage. It contains Glycerine which is a natural softener that keeps the softness of any fabric or garment. No artificial fragrance are added, smell of soybean oil might appear after washing but the smell will not last after drying in normal situations, given that a reasonable dosage were applied.

A certain amount of laundry powder is highly dissoluble even in cool or lukewarm water. Full cleansing effectiveness will be reached if laundry powder is fully dissolved. For best results, jeans should be washed inside out.

Hand wash

Pour 1g of Kaminari laundry powder into 1L of water. If the jeans contain no tough stains, the dosage could be reduced. Standard dosage formula is 15g of laundry powder with 40L of water for 1 pair of jeans (approx. 1 to 1.5 spoons).

Washing Machine

Apply the standard dosage formula, i.e. 15g of laundry powder. Spin and dry gently after cleansing.

* Residues of soybean skin (small black particles) might be found in the laundry powder, but it will not affect the cleansing power.