Paraboot Men's Cornell/ Cuir Velours Café

$299.00 USD $500.00 USD



  • Blake stitch construction - For more flexibility and lightness…Principle

The upper is fixed directly to the outsole by means of an assembly stitching that runs through the outsole.

The Blake welt models are light and flexible, and even more on a rubber sole. The visual of the shoe is finer than a Goodyear construction. However, from a technical point of view, durability and impermeability are less than with a Norwegian or Goodyear construction.

  • Suede - Skin sanded on the flesh side, so prepared in reverse of the usual facing direction. Sanding gives the leather its velvety appearance. Contrary to popular belief, the velvet is robust and very breathable.
  • Leather sole - Paraboot has been manufacturing shoes on leather soles since our foundation. Cut from the best cattle hide, these compressed by passing the leather through rollers to increase the density. It is then more rigid, and more resistant and less permeable to water. Therefore, you will appreciate the comfort of a leather sole after a few days of wearing. Happiness comes next: the shoes will be on your feet for your comfort.

Made in Spain