Needles - H.D. Pant - Painter / 10oz Denim / Stripe Needle Punch- Indigo

$156.00 USD $312.00 USD
By Needles


These classic pants have an attractive wide silhouette with a large bulge and roundness created by the dart treatment incorporated into the waist and hem. The drawcord at the waist and the non-constricting feel of this item create a relaxing mood like no other. They are available in different fabrics and details, and are popular for their wide variety. This season's collection features a pair of painter pants with details such as painter pockets. We use a unique fabric that expresses a striped pattern with punching on slightly lighter 10 oz denim.

XS) Waist 82cm / Total length 102cm / Hem width 27cm
S) Waist 87cm / Total length 104cm / Hem width 28cm
M) Waist 92cm / Total length 106cm / Hem width 30cm
L) Waist 97cm / Total length 108cm / Hem width 32cm
XL) Waist 102cm / Total length 110cm / Hem width 33cm

Materials: 100% COTTON Country of Origin: Japan