Multicolor Heishi Bracelet by Gerard & Mary Calabaza - White Clam Shell - Indonesia

$59.00 USD


Multicolor Heishi Bracelet by Gerard & Mary Calabaza

Black: Jet - Pennsylvania

Orange: Melon Seashell - Indonesia

Blue: Turquoise - Kingman, AZ

Red/Light Red: Apple Coral - Mediterranean Sea

White: Clam Shell - Indonesia

Each Stone is Cut and Ground by Hand

Sterling Silver Clasp

Copper Disc Stamped with Artist's Initials "GC" or "LC"

Santo Domingo Pueblo Made

Made in USA 

  • Renowned jewelers from the Pueblo of Santo Domingo
  • Husband and wife duo known for handcrafting exquisite heishi jewelry
  • Traditional heishi, contemporary, and statement pieces
  • Best of Division Necklace at SWAIA 2017
  • 1st Place Necklaces at SWAIA 2017
  • 2nd Place Coordinated Sets at SWAIA 2017

Mary and Gerard Calabaza, jewelers from Santo Domingo Pueblo, are a husband and wife duo known for handcrafting exquisite heishi beads and creating beautiful statement necklaces in traditional and contemporary styles. Each piece they create is a unique work of art. Gerard learned the art of making heishi necklaces from his parents, Pula and Delphanita Calabaza, at the age of 13. Mary learned jewelry- and pottery-making from her parents, as well, at the age of 12. She credits her mother for teaching her how to drill, grind and slice stones. Mary married into the Calabaza family and joined her husband in the family legacy of making highly quality heishi necklace and jewelry.