Laulhère Béret Authentique - Passion (CARMINE)

$58.00 USD

History: Made of 100% French merino wool, the Authentique beret is a timeless piece of the Heritage by Laulhère range. Soft, warm and waterproof, the Authentique is a one-size beret which, thanks to its stretchy fibre, stretches and adapts to all head sizes.
Flexible and pleasant to wear, it is available in 13 colours.

Materials :

  • 100% virgin merino wool base.
  • Cotton interior.
  • 100% cotton badge.
  • Mixed beret
  • 100% French merino wool base
  • Cotton headdress decorated with a Heritage badge
  • One size, strethable up to size 60
  • Authenticated by the Maison Laulhère rivet
  • Plate diameter: 28cm
  • Delivered in a flat box Héritage by Laulhère
  • Made in France

Machine washing, hand washing or dry cleaning should be avoided (consult your dry cleaning specialist if cleaning is imperative).
In case of stains, blot with absorbent paper and clean with a soft brush or natural sponge soaked in lukewarm water, avoiding excessively wetting the beret. Allow to dry at room temperature and finish with a soft brushing.


To best protect your beret, it is recommended to store it flat in its cardboard box after each use, away from dust.

This beret adapts to all shapes of face.

How to stretch a one-size beret (OS) ?

Using your hands, grasp the beret firmly and pull it gently between your hands while turning the beret. If this is not enough, repeat the operation until you reach the desired size. Be careful, it is not possible to shrink a beret that is too stretched.