Kokuyo Campus Notebooks Semi B5-dotted, 7 mm Ruled - 30 Lines X 30 Sheets - Pack of 5 Vitamin Color (1 Set)

$15.00 USD
By Kokuyo

The silky-smooth paper in this notebook is subtly printed with a unique layout: a dot grid with horizontal lines running through the dots. With this paper, it is suddenly easier to write organized, evenly-spaced notes and to neatly align all those triangles and cubes on your geometry homework. The paper was developed by observing the note-taking habits of students from Tokyo Daigaku (Tokyo University, or Todai), one of Japan's top universities. As a result, it caters to students' specific needs. Students, scientists, and anyone else who needs help corralling their notes into organized text and diagrams will find this notebook delightful.

The paper in this notebook is pH neutral, archival, and FSC certified. The covers are made of recycled paper pulp. Each page has 35 lines of 7 mm rule.

This is a pack of 5 notebooks. Each notebook has 30 sheets (60 pages).