FrizmWorks OG Wide Denim Pants - Indigo

$60.00 USD $120.00 USD


Made from 12 ounces of denim fabric in the Original Garments® line. It shows a trendy silhouette by applying a non-excessive wide fit, and in the case of sewing companies, we used a strong core company to improve the quality. We made it possible to have a natural fading over time, and in the case of the waist and the hem of the pants, we put a chain stitch using Union Special 43200G so that you can see the unique wavy pattern when washing. In the case of subsidiary materials, YKK's zipper was used to strengthen the durability, and the overlock finish inside the denim was made of T/C material with a neat piping finish, so I thought of a place where I couldn't see it. This product is made with a wide-fit regular length, and has a neat silhouette from the waist to the hem, making it a natural match for casual outfits. ※ During the washing process by color, there is a slight difference in the actual measurement due to the degree of shrinkage, so please refer to it before purchasing. (The recommended size is the same.)