FrizmWorks Linen Cargo Parachute Pants - Olive

$73.75 USD $147.50 USD

These pants are made of cotton/linen fabric. In the case of 100% linen, the wearability is not good due to the severe scratch, while the cotton linen blend fabric has the advantage of having a good touch and a unique linen comfort. It is not seen because it has an appropriate thickness, and it shapes the product well. Designed based on para suit pants, it is light, breathable, and comfortable to wear, and two jaw details are added to the knee for a three-dimensional effect. The quality was improved by using YKK's Auto-lock zipper on the main tail. Large cargo pockets have been added to the left and right to add ample storage and design points. It is a daily item that can be worn comfortably with a relaxed silhouette, and a waist strap made of a long belt loop is placed on the waist to make it easy to cover the size.