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Post O'Alls Engineer's Jacket : Cotton Canvas - Dark Navy

$273.00 USD

The second coverall part number for post overalls.

At the time, it was designed to be the pinnacle of 1930s-style four-pocket deluxe coveralls. Both functionally and mood-wise, it is a complete standard coverall.

The 2nd Post O'Alls jacket.

Designed in 1993 to be a supreme 1930s style 4 pocket railroad jacket.

Quality : 100% cotton

Pre-washed, Tumble Dried in low temperature

Made in Japan

size shoulder chest back CB to cuff
S 47cm 56.4cm 68.5cm 81cm
M 49cm 60.2cm 70.5cm 83cm
L 51cm 64cm 72.5cm 85cm
XL 53cm 67.8cm 74.5cm 87cm


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