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Needles - Snap Cardigan Jacket - PE/R Argyle Fringe Jq. - Purple

$193.00 USD

Brand Needles
A crew neck cardigan jacket with a strong presence using long-pile fringe. Although it can be opened and closed with snap buttons, it is attached so that it cannot be seen from the surface, and the design itself has a very simple appearance. It has a very light feel and is an item that can be worn easily.

XS) Length 68cm Width 58cm Shoulder width 44cm Sleeve length 84cm
S) Length 70cm Width 60.5cm Shoulder width 46cm Sleeve length 86m
M) Length 72cm Width 63cm Shoulder width 48cm Sleeve length 88cm
L) Length 74cm Width 65.5cm Shoulder width 50cm Sleeve length 90cm
1) Length 60cm Width 49cm Shoulder width 36cm Sleeve length 76cm
2) Length 62cm Width 50.5cm Shoulder width 38cm Sleeve length 78cm

57% polyester 43% rayon
made in Japan
For any measurements or sizing information please contact