Needles - B.D. EDW Shirt - Cotton Plaid Cloth / Crazy - Navy

$140.00 USD $280.00 USD
By Needles

A button-down shirt has been added to NEEDLES' standard EDW shirt. Details found in classic dress shirts are incorporated throughout, such as looped buttons, a large rounded overlapping front, and gussets. The back side has fine gathers, creating a voluminous and gorgeous silhouette. A unique piece with a crazy pattern that uses different plaid patterns depending on the parts.

XS) Length 80cm Width 60cm Shoulder width 45cm Sleeve length 87cm
S) Length 82cm Width 62cm Shoulder width 47cm Sleeve length 89m
M) Length 84cm Width 65cm Shoulder width 49cm Sleeve length 91cm
L) Length 86cm Width 67cm Shoulder width 51cm Sleeve length 93cm
1) Length 72cm Width 50cm Shoulder width 35cm Sleeve length 76cm
2) Length 74cm Width 51cm Shoulder width 37cm Sleeve length 78cm

100% cotton Made in Japan