Beams Plus MIL Trousers Denim - INDIGO

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Military trousers expressed in denim

<BEAMS PLUS> Military trousers made of Zimbabwean cotton with thin and long fiber length for both warp and weft yarn, woven into light 8 ounce denim.
The pattern is based on the USMC's herringbone trousers in the 1940s, and it is finished in a vintage atmosphere with a strong packer ring by applying a special washing process. While there are many ivy-style chinos, it is a rugged military trousers with a classic thick silhouette.

Due to the nature of the material, this product may fade or transfer to other clothes and bags if it gets wet due to friction (especially friction in a wet state) or sweat or rain. Please note that it may be transferred if it is layered with light-colored or with other clothes when washing.

100% Cotton. Imported.

Item size
XS : Waist 73/Inseam 31/Inseam 70/Under the skirt 48.5/The thigh 68.5/Hip 110
S : Waist 80/Inseam 32/Inseam 71/Side circumference 51/Phigh circumference 72/Hip 114
M : Waist 84/Inseam 33.5/Inseam 71.5/So circumference 52.5/Phigh circumference 73.5/Hip 120.5
L : Waist 87.5/Wise 34/Inseam 73/Whip circumference 54.5/Whip circumference 76/Hip 124.5
XL : Waist 93/Wise 35.5/Inseam 74/So circumference 57.5/High circumference 81/Hip 129.5