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Anglan Stone Vintage Denim Balloon Pants - Light Blue

$161.00 USD

Brand Anglan
Stone Vintage Denim Balloon Pants

* Rectitude is a good and soft ringsa reopeu to use fabric with added a sense of the seulleopssa in [ring yarn].
* Yarn dyed indigo chemistry of Green light, in natural indigo dye denim oz made by adding 13.
* Double Line stitch, two dense, robust, a rag stuffed.
* Tone down retro mood with Stone BioWashing.
* subsidiary materials use rocking with laurel engravings.
* Finishing with caprivet to prevent bursting at the opening of the pocket

Fabric : Cotton 100%

Color : Light Blue

Size Guide: One Size
Length 95
Waist [ All Banding ] 37-50
Crotch 34
Thigh 45
Hem 26

Model spec : 172-5cm, 65-70kg
For any measurements or sizing information please contact