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Anglan Double String Balloon Pants - Grey

$184.00 USD

Brand Anglan
Double String Balloon Pants

* Balloon pants made of cotton and polyester mixed material
* Made of waist banding and strings, various sizes can be covered
* Made of 8.5 oz thick material, twill-type weave combines warmth and robustness
* After completing the clothes, adjust the shrinkage rate by washing, and prevent the clothes from being distorted and contracted
* Embroidery Anglan's new signature logo in the back right pocke
* A smart finishing touch through more rugged
* Bartack processing, such as belt rings, front pockets, and back pockets, shows unique details using the Satin Stitch technique
* Can form the desired silhouette with the bottom string

Fabric : Cotton 50%, Poly 50%

Size Guide: One Size
Length 96
Waist [Half Banding] 44-56
Crotch 33
Hip 68
Thigh 42
Hem 28
For any measurements or sizing information please contact